Friday, July 31, 2009

Life as a Resident's Wife

My husband is a plastic surgery resident. When I show up to social events alone (because he is inevitably usually at the hospital), the following is often the conversation I end up having over and over again with new people (NP) that I meet:

NP: Hi, so what brought you to LA?

ME: My husband is doing a residency in plastic surgery, that's why he isn't here tonight because he works all the time.

NP: Wow, plastic surgeon - Well he came to the right place...LA is the breast implant capital of the world!

ME: No, actually my husband isn't devoting 6 years of his life to do solely cosmetic surgery, he actually wants to do microsurgery and cancer reconstruction.

NP: Yeah right---

ME: I swear.

NP: You don't look like you have had plastic surgery

ME: (I wonder to myself if that is a compliment or an insult.)
I haven't, like I said my husband isn't obsessed with cosmetic surgery.

and that's usually where the conversation ends.


  1. Oh man. Good for you for bravely venturing out alone!