Friday, September 25, 2009

Love and Work Don't Mix

Dear Danielle,

My boss is 5 years older than me and we are both single. He is usually very professional, however on occasion he will make flirty comments to me like, "let's just run away from the craziness here and sail to a tropical island." I find him adorable and have been wondering for months now if he feels the same for me. I love my job and considering the recession, I would never want to compromise it. Should I tell my boss I have the hots for him or just wait and see if he makes a move? And if he does show interest in me, should I re-buff him to avoid the complications of an affair with a superior?


"In Love With My Boss"

Dear "In Love With My Boss,"

Aside from a few slightly flirty comments you have no reason to believe your boss has any interest in a relationship with you. It would be a huge mistake to tell your boss you are interested in him, unless you're fully prepared to leave your job if it becomes too uncomfortable to work there. Until he proposes marriage to you - or something close to that - don't sacrifice the career you have worked hard for on a pipe dream. Sounds like your fantasy about your boss has gotten out of control. Women are often attracted to men in a position of authority/power... but don't confuse that with true requited love.

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