Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Love Don't Cost A Thing

When we got engaged, my husband planned and executed a very elaborate proposal.
I wont go into the details but let's just say - it involved a helicopter, lunch on the beach of the
Mediterranean sea, cable cars and mountain tops. Plus a photographer and videographer. It was special and utterly romantic. However, as our one year wedding anniversary approaches I made something very clear to my husband. I don't want him to spend money on our celebration. The recession has forced me to remember that the blessing involved with being in love, is that a couple could literally be doing nothing with each other, not spending a penny - yet have the time of their lives. We have plenty of anniversaries to come (God willing), to travel and buy each other gifts. This year I want us to go for a walk on the beach and make a picnic. Or ride bikes. Or play tennis. Perhaps we'll cook dinner together. It doesn't really matter what we do. What matters is that we're grateful of the fact that whatever we do, we are doing it as a unit. We have an opportunity to grow as human beings as a result of the economic hardships we are facing.

Today's advice is the following; start finding pleasure in an act or experience that has become mundane to you. Whether it is reading your child a bedtime story, taking a bubble bath, baking a pie, weeding your garden or falling asleep with your spouse with your toes touching.

Simplicity is the new black.


  1. Very good advice. I recently wrote about my three-month anniversary with my wife. While I have done the very elaborate (read: expensive) things for my wife in the past, I do get the most out of the things I create on my own. And it's free!

  2. Its funny because every year my husband and I end up doing the small stuff - walks, beach, dinner, etc... while it is nice I think some years we should do something bigger and exciting. While the small stuff can be beautiful, it is usually the big exciting plans that remain as memories for the future.

    PS - Tell my husband to fly me somewhere exotic next year..