Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Secret Obsession

Foodies seem to be in abundance these days - everywhere I go I meet people who cure their own meats, make their own cheeses, or just dine in the best bistros rather than cook themselves. I love eating creative and tasty food and watch top chef every week religiously, so I guess I am one too. I have a confession though...I might love grocery shopping as much or more than cooking or even eating.

Ever since I was a toddler I have thoroughly enjoyed super markets. Other people find them stressful, but for me, nothing is better then perusing the aisles of Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. As a two year old, I would go grocery shopping with my parents. I would sit in the cart and hold the shopping list. Prior to us reaching the grocery store, one of my parents would read off to me what ingredients we were looking for on that shopping trip. I would memorize the list. In the market I would pronounce out loud the shopping list and other shoppers thought I was brilliant to be such a young child reading a list. In truth, I couldn't read yet - I just loved food so much I had learned the list by heart.

As a young kid. when coupons would come in the mail I would love to sort through them, calling out "coups, coups!" in excitement. But although I have sought out good food deals my whole life, the grocery store is probably the one arena I still let myself splurge in. Once in awhile if I see an exotic looking cheese, or an expensive bottle of balsamic vinegar - I buy it. I believe if we put healthy and quality ingredients inside of us we will feel better and live better.

SO why am I telling you about my obsession with grocery shopping? Because I would like to hear from you, what aspect of daily life do you secretly (or publicly) adore doing? Could be the excitement of opening your mailbox and collecting the mail, mowing your lawn, ironing clothes, handy work around the house...whatever it is...share with us what about these typical occurrences you find enjoyable.

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  1. culinary obsession with the wisdom of our ancestors...

    got a fabulous recipe for homemade (kosher) beef jerky if you want. it's so easy.