Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My favorite season is fall. I love crunching the leaves as I walk down the street. No coincidence we got married last year on the first day of fall. You can imagine then that my first fall season in Los Angeles has got me feeling unusual. I am so used to wearing sweaters/jackets at night by the end of September and planning my fall wardrobe. Here it is 85 degrees and probably wont cool down until December. Despite loving the warm weather, I have been craving the feelings of opportunity, change and fresh starts which the cool breezes of fall bring.

So how can I still capture the momentum of seasonal change without experiencing a dip in the weather - especially since cooking fall foods such as root vegetables will only get me so far!?

I believe the cosmic purpose for seasonal change is to provide a physical manifestation, as a reminder to human beings, that the world never stays the same and time is of the essence. Just as each person physically ages to remind us of the shortness of life, through wrinkles and graying hair -- so too, the leaves fall and ice forms to highlight that as much as year after year things might not seem to change much...we are always progressing in the cycle of life.

Even though I might not have any leaves to crunch - I do realize that the point of fall is still resonating with me. We might not have a choice regarding life moving forward and time passing, but we do have free will over how we spend our time. This fall, I hope to be ahead of where I was last fall, and even when I feel a little behind...I hope the sunshine in LA will get me moving forward again.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

(Image above is: Crunching leaves as a pheasant walks past me - by David Parfitt)

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