Monday, September 21, 2009

A recent story on discusses the downsides of the "marital bed." The article quotes many sleep specialists who say that sleeping with one's spouse can cause sleep disturbances, which are bad for peoples health. According to the article, only since the Industrial Revolution did couples share a bed to sleep. Prior to that time, couples would make love in a bed together but sleep separately elsewhere.

Last night my husbands pager went off multiple times. He ended up getting called in to the hospital at 3am, and I tossed and turned most of the night but didn't really sleep. Even on a good night, when we aren't woken up by his pager, the alarm goes off at 5am for the start of his day. I am not complaining though, because even with all the sleep disturbances we experience as a couple - I would never give up our "marital bed."

There is something so comforting about falling asleep next to the person you love. Some nights we sleep very closely to each other, other nights we spread...regardless, we always know the other is only an arm length away. I don't care what any sleep specialist says - the emotional benefits of my husband and I sleeping together are health reasons enough to stay just where we are.

Today's Advice is: Make the most out of your sleep time. A majority of our life is spent sleeping, so think about how you fall asleep with your spouse. Maybe more cuddling would do you good? Maybe wearing something cute to bed? Or even, making your spouse some tea and bringing it to him/her in bed at the end of the day? And if you are single, how can your sleep time be made more relaxing? fulfilling? Maybe reading poetry before bed will make you forget about the ills of the day and I believe a good pair of soft sheets are just the trick to sleeping like a baby... Whatever you do, uplift the everyday of life.

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