Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Danielle,

I graduated from college last year and have been living in New York City with a room mate. We live in a one bedroom apartment and although we were pretty good friends when we moved in, we have been disagreeing a lot over our living arrangement. I am very neat and she is very messy. I am very quiet and she likes to have friends over at all hours. I am sad this has interfered with our friendship. Last night I came in the living room and saw her smoking pot even though we agreed no drugs would be in our apartment. What should I do?

"Paradise Lost"

Dear "Paradise Lost,"

I recently saw an article about two nearly 100 year old women who shared a room and one murdered the other...
I suggest that after your lease is up you find another living situation. In the meantime, draft a contract dealing with apartment rules to do with cleaning, drugs, noise etc., and ask her to sign the contract. If she refuses to sign, or signs but doesn't follow the rules - move out early. Find someone to sublet your room from you. Happiness and a comfortable living situtation are important components to well being. Don't settle for a bad situation. Good luck!

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  1. Pot is not a drug and that rule is ridiculous. You should lighten up, and light up. Chill out a bit like your roommate and maybe you'll be the ones having friends over.