Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Danielle,

I have a friend who is tall, thin and pretty. However, she needs a wardrobe and hair make-over. We're very good friends but each time I've tried to suggest that she gets her hair cut by a different person (she has curly hair, which is always frizzy - I've never actually seen the real curls -- and messy) or that she buys clothing a bit more tailored (her clothes are always too big!), she doesn't really take to it. I've offered to go shopping with her and to send her to my stylist (I also have curly hair). It's not about the money for her; I think she just feels fine the way she is.
Suggestions for how I can be successful with my suggestions, without being rude or too blunt?

"You're Perfect - Now Change"

Dear "You're Perfect - Now Change,"

For her birthday, or as a holiday gift, give her a gift certificate to your salon (doesn't have to be for a huge amount of $) and suggest to her that you book your appointments at the same time. Make a fun girly day of it, by having lunch followed by shopping. Before she'll know what hit her, she'll have a new do, and a few cute new outfits that you have encouraged her to buy. Sometimes people are reluctant to change, but when they see how wonderful a change in look can be, they never look back...

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