Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Danielle,
 I have been a blond my whole life. I am fed up. I feel like guys and girls treat me like a flake just because of my hair color. I am considering going dark chestnut brown and leaving my platinum days behind - but my boyfriend loves my blond hair. What should I do?

"Blonds don't have more fun"

Dear "Blonds don't have more fun,"

I say, go for it! A friend of mine just went from blond to brunette and notices a huge difference in how she is treated. If you need a change in your life, hair color is a great way to feel refreshed. My husband loves my hair color and my long hair, and would be very upset if I changed it, so I understand your boyfriend's concerns. However, this seems to be something that you are very interested in doing for your own sense of self and you have to do what is best for you. Send me a before and after picture!

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  1. I always wanted to be blond. I got blonde hightlights in my medium brown hair for about a year but they became too expensive. I ended up covering them up with a new Nice N Easy hair color shade that turned out more reddish than I wanted!
    If you want a change, I say go for it! You can always dye it back