Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Air

My husband and I went on a hot date last night. We went to a gas station, no joke. He had been working a really long shift (36 hours) and when he got home I mentioned that there was a light flashing on my car's dashboard. He looked up what that meant in the car manual, and apparently my tire pressure was low. As the protective husband that he is, he was concerned of my safety driving a car with low tire pressure, and we went together to the gas station to fill them up. It was a chilly night in LA and I waited in the car as he worked on my tires. As I watched him, all I could think was "this is what true love is."


  1. cool. what type of car do you have that tells you when tire pressure is low? neat feature.

  2. Must be a relatively new feature. I have a 2002 Accord and it doesn't have that feature so my tires are usually not filled to perfection. Can I borrow your husband to doctor my tires?