Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anyone Could Draw That

I am introducing a new arts component to this blog. Every once in awhile I will introduce you to an exciting artist, an upcoming/current exhibition or feature one specific artwork and encourage you to determine your own thoughts on it.

Unfortunately, when economies suffer often the first institutions to experience cut backs are museums. What a shame considering that museums are often free (at least on some days of the month) and offer such worthwhile family experiences - not to mention a great place to take a date! I encourage you all to check out a local arts institution and show them your support. Either through a financial contribution, however small, or just by showing up and reinforcing the message that even in tough times the public needs the arts.

Often I hear from people who are unfamiliar with the intellectual relevance of contemporary art that some contemporary art looks simplistic, or "easy" to produce. The notion that "anyone could draw/paint/sculpt that" is a clear sign that many people do not understand the historical context in which contemporary art has developed or the political and social messages that much of contemporary art contains.

Therefore, I will be introducing at points a contemporary artist/artwork to you. Sometimes I will offer questions for you to ponder, other times I will just post the work and ask for your to comment regarding your thoughts.

Today's piece is by artist Jeff Colson (born in LA in 1957):
Figure Square, 2005 Wood Fiberglass, Acrylic Paint6' 6"(H) x 6' 6"(W) x 4"(D)
It might be hard to tell from this image, but, the piece is made up of layers of square notes, almost like post-its stuck one on top of the other. The notes are blank and therefore let the viewer fill in their own meanings...

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