Friday, October 30, 2009

Role Models

Growing up I loved the Cosby Show. Before I could tell time I would bother my mom over and over again "When is it 6:30pm? (the time Cosby re-runs were on) When is Cosby on?" She would tell me that the show would be on when both hands of the clock were on the number 6. So I would stand and wait in front of our stove in the kitchen, sometimes for hours - until the hands of the clock turned to the number 6.

I laughed so hard, and still do, at the tongue and cheek tone of Theo and the innocence and humor of Rudy. I fell in love with the whole family. Especially the love between Clair and Cliff. When the series ended I cried. To me, at the age of 8 - I felt like I was losing close friends.

Although I do not agree with many of Barack
Obama's policy decisions - I have found myself fascinated with his relationship with Michelle, just as I was fascinated by the Cosby's. And not because they are both African American families, but because they are both examples of ups and downs met with unconditional love. Of course the Obamas are real while the Huxtibles fictional. And therefore, the United States (and the world) is fortunate right now to have a real life example of a successful marriage.

This week the
NYTimes published an article about the Obama's marriage. The last line of the article really rang true for me, especially since considering my husbands demanding career I often have to remind myself that the stage we are at is not forever:

The equality of any partnership “is measured over the scope of the marriage. It’s not just four years or eight years or two,” the first lady said. “We’re going to be married for a very long time.”


  1. what policies don't you agree with?

  2. Just remember..even if it looks like they have a great marriage doesnt mean they one but them knows what happens when the door is closed...what might look like the perfect marriage might not be. Some people use alot of PDA as a sign of insecurities..

  3. Although I would love to share my political views, I think I will save doing that for when I start my political commentary blog. For now, I'll stick to analyzing politicians relationships but not their policies.