Friday, October 23, 2009

I would live in my pajamas if I could. Growing up, I was always the little girl who wanted to play dress up in my older cousins prom dress handy-me-downs. With no black tie events to go to on a regular basis, I have morphed from a party dress girl to a lululemon and running shoes girl. I have been asking myself - is there something wrong with opting for a more casual and care-free me? Or should I be primping myself even if I have no where special to go?

I don't wear make-up on a day to day basis. Thank God I have always had great skin, although I could use some concealer for the dark circles under my eyes that I inherited from my father. I try when I go out for dinner with my husband to put mascara and eye liner on. Although he loves me natural looking I have noticed that he does make comments when I wear eye make up. Maybe I should be wearing make up everyday? Am I starting down a downward spiral if I don't "put myself together" everyday?

I have realized there is a difference between being shlumpy and low maintenance. Shlumpy is going to the movies in a stained sweatshirt and sweatpants. Low maintenance is applying lip gloss in the morning and sliding on a favorite pair of jeans and white button down. Aiming for glamour seems unrealistic for me, at least on a typical day, but low maintenance with a slight hint of flare seems doable.

My advice for today:
Spend the extra ten seconds painting your toe nails, applying eye shadow or putting on that necklace you always seem to forget to don't need to be high maintenance to look "maintained." The little things really count. And the men in your life will notice.

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