Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Danielle,

My sister is pregnant and she confided in me the name she is considering for her baby girl. Her top choice now is Jazmyn Autumn Rae (their last name is Klipner). I understand that original names are very trendy now, but I think the name she likes is very unsophisticated and it will label her daughter flaky and unprofessional as she grows up. My sister has been so emotional due to her hormones, so I am hesitating telling her I hate the name she has chosen. Should I say something to my sister to protect my niece to-be? Or should I let her choose a name that might sound cool now but will just sound dated and ditsy in a few years?


"Concerned Auntie"

Dear "Concerned Auntie,"

I happen to agree that the name your sister is considering will be fleeting in popularity and might pigeon whole your niece later in life. However, it probably will just back fire if you say something directly to your sister. Rather, maybe buy her a book of baby names to get her thinking about other possibilities, or even find a few names that are creative, yet more conservative, and suggest them to her. At the end of the day though, this is her decision, and as much as a name does matter in a child's life - having a loving family, unconditional love, health and a good education means a lot more. I think its fabulous you care so much about your niece. Spend your energy, once the baby is already born, being a positive role model and an attentive aunt. That way you will really make a difference.

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