Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Danielle,

I am dating a man who is fabulous in every way but one, he eats meat, and I am a vegetarian. He loves the outdoors and is concerned about the environment just like I am, but being a vegetarian is like a religion to me and I can't imagine marrying a man who loves to eat animals! I have discussed this issue with my boyfriend and he is sympathetic to how I feel, and respectful of my beliefs, but adamant that he will always have meat in his diet. He feels like if he respects my way of eating I should be understanding of his. Am I crazy for letting this get to me so much? Can I relationship work if each person has such a different diet then the other?

"Wanting a Meatless Man"

Dear "Wanting a Meatless Man,"

No one you meet will be exactly like you, agree with you on every issue, or consistently make the same lifestyle choices as you. From your description, it seems like you have met a great guy for you. Don't ruin a good thing. Or else, you might be eating beans and tofu alone for the rest of your life. Now what is more appealing, the image I just mentioned, or being with an amazing guy who happens to have a steak once in awhile? I think the latter.

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