Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have always bought fewer clothes, but tried to invest in pieces that I adore and will wear over and over again. Lately, because I am trying to be budget conscious, I haven't bought many clothes because the items I seem to love are in such a high price point. Except for some occasional great finds at Zara, I have never been the girl to walk out of H&M with an $70 complete outfit that looks like it costs $700. I love shopping and clothes, but favor a comfortable pair of quality jeans and a cashmere sweater over the latest trend.

I was speaking to my brother's girlfriend today, who is super stylish - and she was telling me how amazing it is that more then ever there are so many cheap clothing buys that so closely resemble more expensive pieces. She reminded me that sometimes being on a total shopping diet isn't a good idea. A new clothing item can make anyone feel fresher and more put together.

My advice for today is: Splurge a little, on something fun and feminine - and at these prices, not only will you be smiling but so will your bank account.

The following images are of great deals, and their comparable high end designs:

Studded Booties $26.80 Forever 21 (left)
vs. Booties $598.00 (right)

Sequin Jacket $27.80 Forever 21 (left)

vs. LaRok Jacket $378.00 (right)

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  1. I agree!
    I'm on a tight budget, but I'd cry if I couldn't get new clothes at least sometimes.
    I try to find deals and wait for things at Old Navy to go on the clearance rack.