Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Dance!

This past Sunday I went to my first "bar method" class. No, it was not a course in mixology (the study of cocktails) and it had nothing to do with the legal system. The "bar method" is an exercise approach that combines yoga, Pilate's, weight lifting and dance. A portion of the class was on the bar, similar to the type of bar used in ballet. I haven't seriously worked out in months. I got out of my work out routine when we moved to California and aside from walks on the beach, I haven't resumed exercising. I crave it everyday. I feel my muscles asking me to stretch and strengthen them. Psychologically I haven't felt the motivation to join a gym and jog on a treadmill without actually going anywhere. But yesterday I realized that exercise isn't about how many miles one runs or how many laps one swims - it is about using the time to de-stress and look inward. As our heart beats faster and our muscles work harder, the real work should be going on in the inside. Letting go of bad thoughts and grounding oneself are some of the most powerful benefits of working out.

My advice for today -
Get active! Go for a walk with a friend, take a class, swim in a local pool, go dancing - whatever. It makes me feel better and it will make you feel better too.

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