Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dear Danielle,

I am a very sensitive girl and am dating a guy who is rough around the edges and rarely shows his feelings. He is an investment banker and works all the time in a very macho environment. That wouldn't be so bad, except, I don't think he appreciates my emotional side because whenever I want to talk about my feelings he changes the subject. Our relationship has been getting serious but I am wondering - can a relationship last if the couple is not emotionally compatible?

"Passionate Redhead"

Dear "Passionate Redhead",

A recent study states that redheads have a lower pain tolerance than brunettes and blonds. The study cites genetic reasons for this inequality, however I didn't need proof to know what I have been aware of forever. Redheads feel things stronger - and I don't just mean physically. 

As a redhead, I have always been dramatic and felt emotions very intensely. A good rant or cry is cathartic. My acute emotions have enabled me to learn to deal with problems head on and not bear a grudge. I married someone who functions the same way.

Either your boyfriend is willing to go to a therapist with you to work on opening up the emotional lines of communication, or not. If he is not willing, then he is not prepared to fight for your relationship. Better you found this out now rather than later. Be a proud red head and find a guy who can take the heat.

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