Friday, August 14, 2009

Single in Paradise

Dear Danielle,

I am in a dating rut. I can't seem to meet any new guys or get rid of the old ones that I have no interest in! I just came back from a destination wedding in Mexico and the best man, who I went on two dates with four years ago, just asked me out again. Do guys think that there is an expiry date on rejection, and once the allotted time passes they can try again with the same girl? I am looking for a Jewish guy and find it so hard to meet good ones I don't know already. Any ideas? 

"Still Single" 

Dear "Still Single,"
For Jewish people looking to meet other Jews, I am a huge supporter of Jdate and other online dating sites. I know a couple who met each other on a Jdate trip to Mexico. You had the right idea by going to this destination wedding, but maybe next time take a trip somewhere with a group of people you don't know. Tropical destinations, fruity alcholic drinks, and single strangers tend to be excellent breeding grounds for matchmaking. Bring another single friend along with you, if going alone seems scary. Here is another idea that will work closer to home - host a dinner party and invite 3 female friends and 3 male friends. Ask each of your friends to bring with them someone of their same sex who you have never met before.  Encourage your friends to host similar dinner parties. The truth is though, as much as you plan, you will meet the right person when you least expect just always be open to it.

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