Monday, August 17, 2009

Not The World I Thought I Would Inherit

As someone married to a very driven man with a demanding career, I am often consumed with thoughts of how I too can pursue my passions. With his long hours at the hospital, and nights on call, I am forced to remember that I have my own life to still define and a career path to sow. I always wanted to be with an ambitious man, because I knew only a goal oriented person could fully challenge me, and encourage me to strive for success in my own career.

My career was put on hold over the last few months in order for my husband to find the right residency program. Now that I am happily settled in LA, it is my turn to get my career on track. With the current economic downturn, it can be hard for a girl who always thought she could be anything or do anything to realize that regardless of how talented or educated one might be - some career factors are beyond our control. How can I seek out the same sense of career fulfillment as my husband when people today are just grateful to be in any job, regardless of how inspiring it may be?

The following article in the Huffington Post so eloquently addresses the stress put on "power couple" relationships:
Irwin Kula suggests in his article that when both spouses seek to achieve greatness, it is necessary for each partner to learn how to be powerful while at the same time empowering the other. One spouse cannot tower over the other, but must make room for the success of the other in their life. I am blessed to be with a man who encourages me on my journey and recognizes that although I am his wife, I am also a young woman, with my own goals and aspirations.

It is very easy, considering the negativity of the economy, to assume that one needs to give up their dreams to survive in our time. While realism and frugality might be requirements of a young adult's life today, an abandonment of ideals is not. I dreamed as a child of leading a meaningful and enriching life and devoting my career to a field that I love. I wont let that go, and neither should you. Because when we look back at this fiscally challenging time, it will be those who were able to hold on to their visions - not the ones who gave up- who will ultimately shine.

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