Friday, August 7, 2009

I'll have a large popcorn...hold the drama

I am really looking forward to seeing the movie Julie & Julia which is based upon Julia Child. I read her memoir this summer in France, and although I often skim even my favorite books - I read this one word for word very slowly. I am fascinated by the details of developing recipes and even more interested in Julia's path to finding her true purpose, cooking.

The NYTimes noted recently that the relationship Julia had with her husband Paul was very peaceful and passionate. Accordingly, in Julie & Julia their marriage is depicted as healthy and loving, void of drama. This vision of a stable marriage is rarely seen in TV and Movies. How refreshing it will be to watch the love story of the Child's marriage without going through Hollywood's typical runthrough of meeting, falling in love, some disruption/tension, possible break-up, and reconciliation. Don't get me wrong - I am all for happy endings, however, why does it always have to be shown as so challenging to get to the utopian finish line? Maybe we are so used to thinking the road to love must inherently be rocky that we have lost sight of the peace that quality relationships should create.

The lesson I have learned from Julia and Paul is: Life is filled with unexpected chaos, so seek out a partner that brings you serenity and laughter. Sometimes it may seem boring, but unlike Hollywood, typical folks don't make a penny on dramatic romance.

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