Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some like it COLD

Yesterday, an article in the NYTimes reaffirmed what my husband always tell me. People sleep better when the temperature of their bedroom is cold. Ideally between 60 - 68 degrees F. I am always cold and he is always warm. I guess I should get used to sleeping with lots of blankets now that I have been proven scientifically wrong.

However, it got me thinking - when someone in a relationship is proven wrong is it easy to let go and accept the others way - or do human beings love to be right at all costs? Before I got married, someone told me the biggest secret to a long and happy marriage is a short memory span. I agree. Although my husband and I are very opinionated, we are starting to learn that forgetting there ever was a difference of opinion, and letting each other feel right is sometimes more important than being right. Also, we have gotten good as having a difference of opinion one moment and the next be cuddling watching a movie. Although for two independent people like us, this can be challenging.

What are your thoughts on when it is important to stress one's opinion or fight for "your way" and when is it better to just give up for the sake of the relationship? Is there a happy medium?

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